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El poder de la naturaleza al cuidado del cabello

By Matt W

July 26, 2022
Most people dry their hair every day, but many of them prioritize the beauty and fashion aspect of hair styling, while neglecting an essential aspect during the hair drying process: "HAIR CARE", unfortunately.
In the long process of research and development, Zuvi has explored its own development path, no longer focusing on the pursuit of only styling and fast drying, but on exploring the internal health of hair. After all, natural beauty is also beauty, isn't it?
In 2021, Zuvi, a new smart home appliance brand, launched the first light energy hair dryer, which has become rapidly popular in the European, American, and Japanese markets. It became a trendy hair dryer globally and was recently covered by prestigious media like VOGUE, FORBES, ELLE, BYRDIE, WELL+GOOD, GLAMOUR, WIRED, and many others. In addition, Zuvi Halo hair dryer has also won the CES Innovations Awards, THE 2022 ELLE GREEN BEAUTY STARS award, and more.
Zuvi seeks to explore the root purpose of common daily electronics and redefine them for the modern age. We aim to help consumers improve their quality of life and reduce the impact of household appliances on the environment.

Hair Drying Is Playing a Decisive Role in Hair Care

You must have a friend who has told you about the shortcomings of hair dryers, such as making hair dry, fragile, and easy to break. That's how the traditional hair dryer worked, using an extreme heat coil to "bake" your hair. That's how we came up with a topic about "naturally dry your hair", which underlines the point that it may better protect your hair, and make it smoother and shinier, as your hair is not over-dried.
However, we also need to think of efficiency in this modern day, right?
Therefore, Zuvi has developed a new generation of hair dryers. Instead of using an extremely hot coil to dry your hair, it uses light energy to simulate warm sunlight, at the same time, uses cold air to gently blow away the water on the surface of your hair, taking into account the advantages of the two methods of hair drying.
In conclusion, besides shampoo, and hair oil, hair dryers are also a key part of hair care. This is also a common misunderstanding with most people about hair care. People think that as long as the shampoo and conditioner are used well, the hair will be naturally cured, but it's not enough.

A New Choice for Hair Care: LightCare™ Technology

Being a daily household appliance, hair dryer products have many new concepts and buzzwords in recent years, such as water ion, high-speed hair dryer, etc. In addition, hair dryers with breakthrough technology are emerging endlessly, so it is easy for us to be attracted by the exquisite appearance and forget the core needs when buying a new hair dryer. Especially for consumers struggling to understand their needs, there are many questions when purchasing a hair dryer: such as "What is the difference between a 30 USD hairdryer and a 100 USD or even 300 USD hairdryer?" "There are many kinds of hair dryers on the market. Which one should I choose?"
Most hair dryers rely on high heat wind to quickly dry hair. Because they can not adjust the heat, a high-temperature setting makes it easy to scald hair and causes protein loss.
However, with the improvement of people's consumption awareness, it is not enough to just dry hair. Therefore, hair dryers with hair care functionality were born, which can nourish and repair hair while drying hair!
Different than traditional hair dryer, Zuvi Halo uses Lightcare™ technology to dry hair with light and cool wind, which breakthrough the logic of traditional hair drying. With better heat transfer efficiency, it can reduce the waste heat generated by heating air, reduce energy consumption, and solve the problem of excessive baking of hair cores. The heat from light can accurately evaporate the moisture on the hair surface, retain the moisture in the hair core, and protect the health of the hair, from the root.
Zuvi currently has hundreds of patents worldwide. We are committed to providing users with a healthy hair care life with advanced technology and sustainable concepts.
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