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How to Make the Most Out of Your Hair Dryer

By Gabrielle Rosemond

February 03, 2023

Here at Zuvi, we like to do the hard work for you. It’s why we set out to create a hair dryer with minimal settings that delivers superior results. But we also know that using tools correctly (including the Zuvi Halo!), will improve your hair care and your finished look. 

You can visit How to Use Zuvi Halo for more information, but we’ve also gathered some expert advice on how best to utilize your dryer, according to your hair type. Here, discover the tips and tricks hair stylist Dhiran Mistry recommends for blow drying straight, curly, and textured hair.

Straight Hair

“Rough drying straight hair really helps to find its natural shape,” says Mistry. First, begin by combing your hair to detangle it and set your dryer mode to Care/Fast. “Start at the ends first working your way up to the roots, then dry thoroughly moving the dryer around your head,” says Mistry. “Continuing to move the dryer around is very important. The mistake most people make is keeping it in one place for too long, which over dries the hair and can lead to damage.” To finish, dry your hair 95% then run a brush through the ends.

Wavy + Textured

“You might not want to take out too much moisture when drying, which makes the Zuvi a perfect choice for these hair types,” says Mistry. To begin, set the dryer mode to Fast/Soft. “Then use a boar bristle brush—make sure the bristles are very close together, as this causes tension for a good grip on the hair—to smooth out the frizz,” says Mistry. Depending on your hair texture, you can also use the diffuser attachment, although for slightly wavy hair it’s not necessary.

Curly Hair

“It’s always important to start by applying a curl enhancing product on wet hair and detangling it, before beginning your blow dry,” advises Mistry. Then add the diffuser to your dryer and use it on a low speed (but on a high heat), making sure to continuously move the dryer around. “You don’t want to stay too long on one section of your hair,” says Mistry. “As you move the dryer around your head, use your hand to scrunch or manipulate your curls as you wish.”

General Tips

According to Mistry, the prep begins as soon as you leave the shower. “Detangle before drying your hair,” suggests Mistry. Make sure your hair is quite dry—using a microfibre towel like Crown Affair’s The Towel is really helpful here—before using a dryer. “Wet hair stretches, which means it’s easily damaged,” says Mistry “When you start a blowout with a hair dryer and your hair has some movement and texture, commit to using a brush to pull and smooth as you go—not using one is basically where most people go wrong.”



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